An Advanced File Management & Collaboration Solution for Salesforce

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Integrate External Cloud/On-premise Storage Solution

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Salesforce & SharePoint Integration for Seamless External File Storage

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Storage Optimization & Cost Savings

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Secure & Cost-effective External File Storage & Collaboration for Salesforce

Get a range of file storage options to integrate from multiple external Cloud storage platforms like (SharePoint, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox) to On-premise systems like (SMB, SFTP, Network Drive).

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Customer Success Stories

Multi Salesforce Org Integration for Seamless File Collaboration & External Storage (Sharepoint)
Leading US University stored their Salesforce Community user files in Google Drive using XfilesPro.
CL Services, a top US based 3PL service provider optimized their Salesforce file storage with XfilesPro
Customized folder structure based on departmental needs - Extend Global
Lightning Migration without impacting file storage - AGF Access Group
Australian NFP linked
6K+ files with their
Salesforce system

Features & Capabilities

Dealing with Salesforce file management complexities? XfilesPro's persuasive features will make your file management experience seamless and storage unlimited.

▸ Cloud - SharePoint, OneDrive, AWS S3, Google Drive, Dropbox) ▸ On-premise - SMB, SFTP, Network Drive


Work collaboratively with internal Salesforce & external users by ensuring files are managed centrally but available for everyone to share, view, download, & edit.


Salesforce community portal integration brings more capabilities to community users.


Highly customizable file & folder management allows the business process to be embedded in the way files & folders need to save into the external storage.


Build an exclusive process as per personal specifications to meet unique business needs.


Files in the external storage with a proper folder structure can be synced/linked with the respective records in the Salesforce.

Why Choose XfilesPro?

File Storage Cost Savings

No need for additional storage space. Get rid of paying high file storage costs using XfilesPro.

Seamless File Collaboration

Collaborate all your Salesforce files seamlessly without impacting the user experience.

Secure File Transfer

Upload files securely to Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or any On-premise system.

No Limit - File Size & Volume

Upload unlimited Salesforce files of any size to your preferred external storage system.

Unaffected User-experience

No impact on user-experience. Manage all your files stored in remote storage directly from Salesforce.

Easy External File Sharing

Share file URLs with external users (who are not using Salesforce) to preview & download.

Lightning & Salesforce1 Support

XfilesPro supports Lightning & Salesforce1 Mobile. Manage your Salesforce files from mobile.

Community Support

XfilesPro integrates files & attachments related to your partners, employees, customers and redirects it to the external storage.


Fantastic app & support For anyone that uses large files, they'll quickly realize native SF file storage will cost a fortune. This app is an effortless way to manage your file storage and tie it to SF, at a very low cost as well. We use our file storage in a somewhat unique workflow and the support team at XfilesPro was very helpful and responsive in getting the app said app exactly as we required. Highly recommend.

Chase Senner .

Great Solution to meet our unique requirement for Cross Org attachment Sharing We approached XfilesPro with a somewhat unique business requirement. While their out-of-the-box solution did not meet our needs 100%, the team quickly developed an understanding of our requirements and worked with us to develop and implement the solution in about 6 weeks' time. The flexibility of their solution and development team was great.

Chris Doman .

Great Salesforce App for File Storage! This is a great Salesforce App for migrating Salesforce File Storage to a cloud service such as OneDrive or Amazon Web Services. The team was extremely responsive and kept us aware of the project status the whole way. I would definitely recommend this App and will come back next time I need a project done for Data or File Storage in Salesforce.

Steffen Lewis ,


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Licensed Users


Million Files Uploaded


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For 1000+ Users.

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Additional Pricing Information:

  • Pricing varies from USD 9.99 - USD 0.99 depending on the volume of licenses.
  • License costs are based on per user per month and billed annually.
  • We offer subsidized pricing to community users.
  • We also offer Org wide pricing for volume users.
  • Discounts available for non-profits
  • Click Here to get a quote or connect us via email sales@xfilespro.com

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