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Secure & Cost-effective External File Storage

Now store Salesforce files of any size in your preferred external storage system cost-effectively. XfilesPro supports various Cloud (Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) as well as On-premise (FTP, Shared Drive, SMB Windows Share, File Systems, etc.) storage systems for Salesforce external file storage and collaboration.

Our Clients Spans the Globe

eagle national
AGF Access Group
Equipment Preference Inc
Leukamia Foundation
Strategy 360

Customer Success Stories

London Bridge Plastic Surgery - G Drive External File Storage
XfilesPro offered a file storage solution that seamlessly shared and collaborated all the files to our client's external storage Google Drive.
AGF Access Group - Seamless file access through mobile devices
Seamless access of externally stored Salesforce files through mobile devices with a Salesforce 1 environment.
ECAD - Seamless share and collaboration of files to Team Drive
We customized XfilesPro and included 'Team Drive' as an external file storage option to meet ECAD's specific needs.


Have a large no. of Salesforce Attachments or Files? No more complexities. XfilesPro's persuasive features will make your external file storage process smooth & affordable.

Supports Cloud storage systems such as AWS S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, Box etc. & on-premise systems like FTP, Shared Drive, SMB, FILE


Sorted & synchronized way to manage your files the way you want


Supports Lightning Experience & Salesforce1 mobile


Seamless export of files such as attachments from your Salesforce Org to external storage system & vice-versa

File Collaboration

Collaborate files without affecting the user experience


Supports upload, view & download files of any size & also allows multiple file upload at a time

Why Choose XfilesPro?


Save huge Salesforce file storage cost using XfilesPro, in case you have exceeded your Salesforce file storage limit.

Attachment auto export

No manual hassle. XfilesPro will automatically export all your email attachments to your external storage system without impacting user experience.

Default files & folders

To make admin's life easy, XfilesPro allows having some default files/folders in every new record that get created in an object.

External file sharing

XfilesPro allows Salesforce users to share file URLs with other users who are not using Salesforce to preview and download files.

Chatter file support

XfilesPro has the capability to store the files generated/created using Chatter and store them in the external storage system.

Compatible & Scalable

XfilesPro can be used in Lightning, Classic, & Salesforce1; Supports Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud & Platform and also can be used by a company if any size & industry.

Community Support

XfilesPro is a community ready solution. It integrates files & attachments related to your partners, employees, customers and redirects it to the external storage.

Admin Controls

Admin has all the control over how end users can use XfilesPro, such as what size or type of files users can upload, file delete & edit access, no. of files users can upload at a time.


I had the best experience when recently migrating to XFiles Pro from another provider. The XFiles Pro team bent over backwards to help me with the migration and get up and running ASAP! I couldn't have done it without all of their work and expertise. We are really happy with XFiles Pro and highly recommend it.

Hayden Sohr Talkable

It is not often that you encounter a company with this superb level of customer support.I would highly recommend this App to anyone who needs a way to store attachments in Salesforce without incurring additional storage costs.

Wayne Aquatechniques Ltd

Not only did this product deliver on the promised benefits,it exceeded our expectations because the team at XfilesPro integrated the new features in their upgrade roll-out

Robert Stevens Allied Investment Group


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Bills you would love to pay
Per User Per Month (Billed Annually) 4.99
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Cloud Storage - Amazon S3, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive
  • On-Premise - FTP, Shared Drive, SMB Windows Share, File Systems
  • Smart Folder Hierarchy
  • Export/Import Support
  • A Dedicated Account Manager
* Contact us for the unlimited plan or volume user licensing. Discount to non-profits & subsidized pricing for community users. Please get in touch with us at sales@xfilespro.com for pricing details.

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