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About XfilesPro

Salesforce makes your brand stay in the spotlight, increase sales, remain closely connected with customers and co-workers at the same time. With the increase of workload in Salesforce, your file storage also increases and so does the Salesforce file storage cost. If you need to find a way to solve this matter without affecting your business growth, then you must have XfilesPro. It gives you the space to manage huge files/documents for your business externally.

XfilesPro is an external file storage & collaboration solution for Salesforce, which allows you to store Salesforce files/attachments into your preferred external storage systems (Cloud or On-premise) in order to reduce additional file storage costs. Currently, XfilesPro supports various Cloud storage systems like AWS S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc. and On-premise storage systems like FTP, Windows shared drive (SMB) and FILE share.

XfilesPro supports upload, view & download files of any size & a whole lot of other features discussed in subsequent sections. The application can be used for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and Platforms.

Features of XfilesPro: XfilesPro is power-packed with various features. Few of them are;