An Advanced File Management & Collaboration Solution for Salesforce

XfilesPro is a true market leader offering complete file management and collaboration services to Salesforce enterprises. With XfilesPro, Salesforce customers can enjoy seamless integration with multiple external storage systems, including Cloud-based and On-premise systems, with Salesforce to upload and collaborate files of all sizes. Such integrations optimize and future-proof the file storage as well as reduce the rising storage costs.


Cloud-based systems: SharePoint, AWS S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox 


On-premises systems: SMB, SFTP, and Network Drive

Transform your File Storage Needs in Salesforce

Unique Capabilities

Storage Optimization & Cost Savings

Integrate Salesforce with any cost-effective external storage platform to overcome different file storage limitations and future-proof your file storage costs

Salesforce Community Collaboration

Seamlessly store and manage the files and attachments generated by the Salesforce community portal users

Large Volume File Migration

Migrate a large number of files from Salesforce to your preferred external system, without affecting your usual business processes

Multi-Org File Integration

Integrate files from multiple Salesforce Orgs into the external storage system, without hindering the user experience

The XfilesPro Advantage

Salesforce customers can use XfilesPro to store their files in external storage systems and thereby future-proof their storage costs. XfilesPro can successfully be implemented in over 15+ industries including BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Retail & Lifestyle as well as the non-profit organizations. With its customizable capabilities and several in-built features, XfilesPro can help enterprises meet complex Salesforce file management requirements.

File Storage Cost Savings

XfilesPro does away with your need for additional storage space and saves you from paying high file storage costs

Seamless File Collaboration

XfilesPro helps you collaborate your Salesforce files seamlessly and doesn't even affect the overall user experience

Unaffected User Experience

There will definitely be no reports of any impact on the user experience while managing the files stored in remote storage systems

Community Support

XfilesPro helps you easily integrate and redirect files and attachments related to your partners, customers, and employees to the external storage