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How XfilesPro helped a leading US Insurance service provider reduce significant Salesforce file storage costs


Businesses of every size and industry using any Salesforce solution usually deal with a lot of files and attachments. As the default file storage space is limited and additional file storage cost is on the higher side, organizations look for a solution that can help them store their Salesforce files in an external storage system. XfilesPro has been widely considered as the #1 external file storage solution for Salesforce and has customers across industries. In this post, we are going to discuss the use case of a leading US insurance service provider and how they used XfilesPro to store and collaborate all their Salesforce files in Google Drive.

Roadblock in the path of growth 

As an insurance service provider, our client was dealing with a lot of customers and their files. The files were big in volume as well as in size. As our client was offering insurances related to multiple sectors including automobile, home, business, health, and personal, the number of their customers were increasing and with that their default file storage space was quickly getting filled up. The recurring file storage cost was rapidly increasing as our client ran out of their Salesforce primary file storage space. 

They tried using a third-party application to store their Salesforce files, but accessibility and scalability were the concerns. The challenge for them was to implement a new & efficient external file storage solution which can store their Salesforce files externally in Google Drive and also make sure the transition process from the existing file storage application to the new one go smooth without any business interruption. 

A new blueprint for external file storage

To achieve their goal and in order to manage their files and attachments with highest efficiency, our client got in touch with XfilesPro support team and was highly impressed the way XfilesPro manage external file storage with seamless integration and collaboration. Powered to manage files of any size and volume, XfilesPro quickly replaced the existing solution and seamlessly integrated our client’s Salesforce system with their Google Drive for seamless file storage along with secure file transfer. 

Other compelling XfilesPro features helped our client effortlessly manage their external file storage. Using XfilesPro components, our client directly stored files in Google Drive & managed them from their Salesforce system without impacting user-experience. XfilesPro offered customized folder hierarchy, using which the insurance company managed their remote storage folder structure based on object relations. Bidirectional Sync feature helped them manage remote storage files directly from Salesforce. Files can also be shared with users out of their Salesforce system efficiently. 


A Complete Understanding of Salesforce File Storage with XfilesPro

Keeping their focus solely on their business and customers 

XfilesPro took care of all the file storage woes and helped our client successfully store all their files and attachments externally in Google Drive. Their primary file storage never gets hindered so they keep their complete focus on their business and customers. XfilesPro also reduced huge additional file storage costs and offered a smooth file collaboration without impacting the user experience. 

If you are also looking to store your Salesforce files and attachments in your favorite Cloud or On-premise storage system, Get in touch with XfilesPro today for a demo. XfilesPro offers highly flexible license costs that will suit your business needs. 


How XfilesPro helped an Australian non-profit organization manage 6K+ files and efficiently store them in Amazon S3

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One of the leading construction companies leveraged XfilesPro to store their Salesforce files in Google Drive

XfilesPro has been strongly addressing one of the biggest challenges of Salesforce users by offering an easy external file storage solution and optimizing primary file storage space. Enterprises of different sizes and from varied industries are currently using the solution and saving significant file storage costs. AGF Group was one of those top enterprises, who embraced XfilesPro and successfully managed their Salesforce files.

Being a leading construction company in Canada, AGF Group was using the world’s #1 CRM Salesforce and were dealing with a lot of files. Often it becomes difficult for organizations to deal with a huge number of files subsequently resulting in high file storage space consumption. AGF also faced similar challenges as their recurring file storage cost was rapidly increasing. They wanted to move out from their existing external file storage solution and looking for a better option.

Natacha who was the Salesforce admin of AGF Group told “Salesforce file storage costs were a big challenge for us. While we were in search of a better application to resolve this issue, we came across XfilesPro.”

AGF wanted to onboard the new solution as soon as possible because they were about to move to the new Lightning Experience. While explaining their requirements to our support team, Natacha told as most of their users work with their phones, it would be great to have a solution that supports Salesforce1. Considering XfilesPro’s user-friendliness, and other robust features, it was a no brainer for Natacha to choose the solution in order to store and collaborate their Salesforce files in an external storage system.

XfilesPro replaced the old solution and took it all over within hours. The implementation process was smooth and AGF was good to go without any impact on their production. AGF wanted to use Google Drive as their external storage and we successfully completed the initial XfilesPro application setup as well as XfilesPro and Google Drive integration for a seamless file transfer. We also set up the Salesforce 1 environment in a way users can view and manage their files from their phones.

With XfilesPro, it has become so easy for us to manage our files and save additional file storage cost. XfilesPro works seamlessly with our external storage: Google Drive” – Natacha

AGF also used one of the most dynamic XfilesPro features folder and subfolder creation which helped them organize their files by creating new folders within a record and navigate through breadcrumb view. XfilesPro made it easy for AGF users to map an existing folder. Talking about XfilesPro features, Natacha told “There are many features in the applications like EXPORT, Import and default files/folders are really impressive. Anyone who uses the application can look forward to the best in class support and service.”

Get in touch with us to access more such customer success stories to know how XfilesPro helped many enterprises manage their Salesforce files.


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How XfilesPro helped an Australian non-profit organization manage 6K+ files and efficiently store them in Amazon S3

As a Salesforce external file storage solution, XfilesPro helped many companies resolve unique technological challenges related to Salesforce file storage with its vibrant features and functionalities. The other day when one of the biggest Australian non-profit organizations ‘Leukaemia Foundation‘ faced stiff challenges managing their Salesforce files, they were looking for a solution which can help them store their Salesforce files in an external storage system and XfilesPro was the savior.

The challenge was not limited to storing Salesforce files externally, it was much bigger than that. When Leukaemia Foundation’s Salesforce Admin Mike Fensom communicated with our sales team and explained them the problems they are facing, he said “We wanted to link over 6000 files from another CRM into Salesforce. But we know we will exceed our file storage limits.” Mike’s concern was any file storage solution would take a lot of time importing these many files to their Salesforce system and this process might impact business continuity as well as involves risk.

Adding 6K+ new files to Salesforce system from another CRM would definitely exceed the file storage limits and purchasing additional file storage space was an expensive investment. Seamlessly importing 6K+ files to Salesforce, then storing them along with the existing files in the external cloud storage (Amazon S3) and finally collaborating them all was not easy. High level of expertise was required and as always XfilesPro delivered the job.

Before storing Salesforce files in Amazon S3, the first action was to seamlessly connect 6K+ files from another CRM system into Salesforce without impacting the business process. XfilesPro’s File Migration Utilities feature came into action and the application successfully linked all the 6K+ files with Salesforce objects without affecting the business process. XfilesPro quickly stored all the recently moved and already existing files in the external storage Amazon S3 and subsequently reduced the primary file storage space.

XfilesPro also mapped all the existing notes and attachments and linked them all in one location on the page to make things easy for the users. Often it is difficult for Salesforce admins to configure third-party solutions, to simplify this, XfilesPro support team quickly completed the initial XfilesPro set-up and then helped Mike setting up their Amazon server to enable a smooth file transfer.

After a successful implementation, when we asked Mike about his experience using XfilesPro, he has some really kind words ” The Support and Service that XfilesPro offered is great. With quick support responses to our questions, the support team even provided help on how to’s (not only use their product but other products as well). The team helped us set up the correct settings for the S3 Server, import the other CRM software files into Salesforce via a quick process plus Export the existing Salesforce files to the S3 Server.”

It’s been quite a few months now that Leukaemia Foundation is using XfilesPro and whenever we reach them to know how things are working, it gives us immense pleasure seeing them happy and most importantly relieved. When a solution starts adding real business values rather than just offering a one-dimensional service, it becomes distinctive. And today, when we see XfilesPro placed itself at the top Salesforce external file storage and collaboration solution, we feel proud.

To know more about XfilesPro and how it can help you save huge Salesforce file storage costs, get in touch with our team.  


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XfilesPro added ‘Team Drive’ as an external file storage option for one of the USA’s leading Non-profit

No technical challenge is greater when you are committed to achieving the highest customer success stiffened by top-notch technological expertise. Being an efficient and successful external file storage and collaboration solution for Salesforce, one of the aspects which makes XfilesPro distinct from other similar solutions is the high degree of customization. Different organizations have their specific requirements with different challenges; if a solution is not competent enough to meet specific business needs, it becomes difficult for it to excel and more importantly win customer trust.

And certain customization in the primary XfilesPro solution (an added feature) helped one of our customers to successfully store their Salesforce files in their most preferred external storage system. Carrie Picard who is the Director of Development of one of the leading non-profit organizations in the state of Connecticut, USA named East Coast Assistance Dogs (ECAD) has similar challenges managing her ever growing number of Salesforce files. Being a rapidly growing non-profit organization, ECAD was dealing with highly trained assistance dogs to help veterans, children, and people with disabilities to gain independence and mobility. As the service was expanding to other cities of the state of Connecticut and also to other states, Carrie started facing trouble managing the growing number of Salesforce files and storage space.  

While detailing her difficulties to our support team, Carrie told that the application which they were using previously to store their files externally discontinued the service and she was having a tough time finding an alternative solution which can do the job efficiently. However, Carrie’s biggest worry was, they wanted to store their Salesforce files in Team Drive as it is compatible with all platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux) and supports offline as well. But, most of the available solutions were not supporting Team Drive.

It was a challenge for us to help Carrie with the best external file storage solution and save additional file storage costs. However, the bigger task was to customize the solution and make it compatible with Team Drive for file storage and collaboration, so that Carrie can use it to meet their specific goals.

Rolling out this feature as quickly as possible was not that easy, but as we said at the beginning, ‘no technical challenge is greater when you are committed to achieving the highest customer success backed by your top-notch expertise’. We were committed to obtaining the highest customer success for ECAD and our team of technical experts rolled out the feature just within few weeks. After adding Team Drive, XfilesPro replaced ECAD’s old solution and offered a highly secure and easy-to-use external file storage and collaboration environment.

Carrie was highly surprised by the agility of XfilesPro team and she was all happy. Reviewing the application, she told “This tool and the team are amazing. We needed the tool to work with Team Drive, which was not a feature when we started talking to them. However, in less than a month the tech team were able to roll this feature out and get us up an running. They are dedicated to fixing any issues we had immediately. I would highly recommend this tool.”

To know more XfilesPro customer stories, check out the solution in the AppExchange. If you want to store your Salesforce files in your preferred external storage system (either Cloud or On-premise), get in touch with our support team today!