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Top five XfilesPro capabilities which make it the #1 Salesforce external file storage solution

As a Salesforce external file storage solution, XfilesPro has been clinical in offering best in class external file storage and collaboration services to multiple Salesforce users from varied industries. In order to make the solution more efficient, we keep on adding new features and enhance the existing ones in each of our new releases. Apart from reducing significant Salesforce file storage costs, XfilesPro is extremely popular among Salesforce admins because of its ease to use and automation capabilities.

Today, XfilesPro delivers more than just Salesforce external file storage services. It’s highly efficient features have made it one of the must have applications for any Salesforce admin. The current version of the solution has plenty of amazing features which can make life easy for a Salesforce admin. Let’s have a look into the top five XfilesPro capabilities which make it the first choice external file storage solution for Salesforce.

A gamut of external storage options

XfilesPro is compatible with most of the external Cloud as well as On-premise storage systems. Currently, the application supports external cloud storage systems such as Amazon S3, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box etc. and also supports any kind of local/on-premise storage systems such as SFTP, FTP, File System, Shared Drive, SMB Windows Share etc. Recently we customized the solution and added Team Drive as one of the external storage options for one of our customers.

Easy file migration utilities (Import/Export)

File migration utilities feature allow Salesforce admins to seamlessly import files or attachments from any external system to their Salesforce system and also export any number of files or attachments from their Salesforce system to an external system. One of our customers recently used this feature to link over 6000 files from another CRM with their Salesforce system and then export all the files to Amazon S3. Using this feature Salesforce admins can quickly and securely share and link files to/from their Salesforce system.

Custom folder hierarchy

This feature allows an admin to manage all the files at the same time and also sort/synchronize all the files in an order s/he wants. Custom Folder Hierarchy links all the objects to their respective folders. Most of the unlinked files get directed to the document folder in the external storage to keep all the files synchronized and managed. This is one of the most favorite features for many of XfilesPro users.

An automated solution

XfilesPro has multiple automation capabilities. With performing simple settings, admins can make external file storage process simple and automated. Few of the notable XfilesPro automated processes are;

  • Email attachments auto export to external storage.
  • Email-to-case attachments auto export to external storage.
  • Auto file migration to external storage after the lead conversion.
  • Auto creation of default files/folders on every newly created record.
  • Single-click automated Amazon S3 configuration.
  • Easy drag-and-drop file upload.
  • Auto file collaboration without affecting user-experience.

And much more.

Highly Compatible

XfilesPro is a highly compatible solution which can be used in Lightning, Classic, & Salesforce1. The solution works with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud & Platform, as well as can be used by a Salesforce customer from any industry and of any size. The solution is also highly customizable to meet specific business needs, supports chatter files, multi-file uploads and allows file upload of any size.


XfilesPro offers plenty of other features and benefits which makes the application extremely popular among Salesforce users. Salesforce admins are using XfilesPro for various use-cases including Salesforce external file storage, Document management & collaboration, Secured file sharing, Import/export of Salesforce files, Compliance management, File management for communities/customer portals, File management for internal portals, and Managing sensitive files on-premise for security. Get in touch with our sales and support team to know more.

XfilesPro Import export feature

Discover the most powerful XfilesPro features for your Salesforce file storage: “Import/Export”


Since it’s AppExchange launch, XfilesPro has proved to be one of the most robust and strategic solutions offering Salesforce external file storage options. Enterprises from multiple industries and sizes have trusted XfilesPro and used it for their external file storage needs. In each of its new release, XfilesPro has come up with new compelling features to make life easy for a Salesforce admin.

XfilesPro has been offering new and robust features to enable its users avail an enterprise level external file storage solution with a seamless experience. If you are an XfilesPro user, you must be cognizant of these awesome features like bidirectional sync, folder hierarchy, file drag and drop option, folder creation etc. If you are not using XfilesPro yet, try it out today. However, the new import/export features are taking the application experience to a whole new level. Let us tell you how you can use XfilesPro’s new import/export features to control your files in a simplified way.


If your Salesforce file storage space has increased, then XfilesPro can help you reduce it by almost 80%. There are many industries who deal with a lot of attachments across objects. By using the ‘Export’ feature, you can easily export these attachments from your Salesforce org to your preferred external storage system all at one call. By following a few simple steps, you can start exporting your files instantly. After a successful export process, you can see your exported files in your external storage. Here is the magic, when you open the same file in your Salesforce Org, you can see that in lesser size.

1. Select your external storage provider, choose object and set your filter criteria

Select your external storage provider

2. Start the export process

Start the export process

3. See your exported files

See your exported files


Now let’s talk about this awesome ‘Import’ feature. If you have files stored in your external storage system and you want to import them, you can do it by following a few easy steps. Import feature allows you to link your files stored in your external storage system into your Salesforce objects as attachments without physically moving the files into your Salesforce Org. This means you are not filling up your primary file storage space during the process. Once the import process is done, you can preview your files inside your Salesforce Org. Isn’t that something great for your Salesforce admin?

1. Select your external storage system from where you want to import files

Select your external storage system from where you want to import files

2. Start importing your files & you will get an email once the process is completed

Start importing your files

Managing your Salesforce files and storage has now become easy and cost-effective. While offering you a strategic and efficient approach in order to store files in your preferred external storage system, XfilesPro is now powered with unique features which made it the first choice solution for many progressive companies. What are you waiting for? Now the price of an XfilesPro license per month is cheaper than a cup of coffee. Contact us today.

google components

XfilesPro amalgamating with enhanced Google components

Data, files everywhere! Are you still trying to sort out your files within Salesforce? But do you have enough space?

These are few questions, you do not have to worry anymore. There are many external files storage applications available over the AppExchange platform. However, selecting the correct one can be a daunting task. Then, let us discuss about how to manage the XfilesPro, can become your one stop solution with robust services and enhanced platform. You can now seamlessly store their files, and processes to unleash both productivity and engagement for your business.

The competence of XfilesPro has increased, to help its users across domains to dive deeper customer obsession as well as augment their workflow at a much rapid pace. However, this has become more enhanced with the latest release of XfilesPro, integrating the advanced Google components.

The latest release has been integrated with many new features and components. These are designed in a manner to make the entire experience much more simple and easy for the users. Including features like:

  • Bidirectional sync
  • Create folders & subfolders
  • Map folders to an existing folder
  • Bread crumb view
  • Choose your folder name

Bidirectional sync:

Uploading and syncing files is now lot easier. XfilesPro, knows the pain of one-sided sync facilities. So, we have upgraded ourselves and made it easier for you to both upload and manage your files within GDrive, with our bi-directional sync facility.  

No sooner you have configured GDrive as an external storage, we enable you to upload files from your Drive, and have them in your Salesforce record and vice-versa. The process of uploading the files can happen from any place and all your files will remain in your GDrive.

Now create folders and subfolders:

So, now when you have already managed your files, it’s time for you to organize them perfectly. Now you can organize all your files with XfilesPro, by simply creating new folders and sub-folders within a record.

This feature will help you keep one stack of files separately from the other bunch in an organized manner. This ultimately helps you to navigate through the right folder.

So, install XfilesPro and get the perfect organization of your files.

Bread crumb view and navigate within Salesforce:

So, is your navigation from Salesforce to GDrive becoming very difficult, then navigate with XfilesPro navigation feature. Our feature, not only helps you with navigating folders within Salesforce, but at the same time you do not have to access your external storage for the same.

We have also introduced the breadcrumbs view and access of all your files within one particular folder. Hence, it makes it easier for you to move from one folder to another and choose to upload files in them. Unlike previously, you can now do everything at one place.

Map folders to an existing folder

Is it like this, that you are still struggling with the placing of your files, and whenever you are trying to upload some files, one of the structures gets disturbed. Then, worry no more, there is always an option to make way for solutions. This, XfilesPro have achieved the solution with the mapping of your existing folders.

You can now map your existing folders and also connect with the same without disturbing other folders. Hence, seamless upload is assured with XfilesPro. You can always choose an existing GDrive folder at the time when you are setting-up a storage to upload all your files to that existing GDrive folder. At the same time avoid manually downloading of files and then uploading them in a new folder.

Choose your folder name

As one of the features, default naming is record name+record ID. But now, one can customize it to what one likes. The 3.8 version of XfilesPro allows you to have your desired folder name.