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Think about attaching any file of any size and type, think about XfilesPro.

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A Complete Understanding of Salesforce File Storage with XfilesPro

If you have ever kept your clients waiting, then be pretty sure that you have at one point or the other let them down. Sales has indeed become an integral part of all the enterprises and the core of all businesses these days. Throughout the entire lifecycle of any client, there are huge number of contacts, reports, opportunities, accounts and large number of documents of different types and needs. Since the requirement is always different, they also have different kind of storage and management which would cater to the perfect purpose.

When it comes to file storage then, Salesforce has a complete different kind of storage system, that would take utmost care to reduce the stress level over your memory. Hence, it will help you increase your space and let your venture grow in a better manner. It also has an agile approach towards storing the files. Salesforce over the years has dealt with various types of documents and files. In fact, they have been constantly improvising to cater to all the latest technologies and need. Initially, it was only restricted to few types of files, the system has been upgraded to accommodate every kind of file.

However, one of the most critical factors is the cost of the solution, as it turns out, it can sometimes be misleading. Many customers later discover, that in addition to the actual known price, there are some forced payments, which you have to clear to utilize the Salesforce file storage software more diligently. The cost of this file storage has always interrupted with many organizations workflow, especially the SMB’s. To relief this pain point, XfilesPro has been with organizations and help them get store their files with their own storage system at a less cost coverage.

Salesforce File Size Limitations:

The file size that is usually seen, is the 2 Gigabyte upper limit. This is in fact the maximum size allowed by the program. Since Salesforce has always been integrating with other applications, it should conform to all those limits where they are applied. For instance, if there is a 10 Megabyte limit to the file sizes in Google Docs. In a similar manner, the 5MB single file or the 10 MB file for attachment should not necessarily be a limit by the Salesforce, but one must adhere to it.

Achieving the Competitive Edge with XfilesPro

It’s Cost Effective:
You can always and easily save your money with XfilesPro, in case anytime you have exceeded your storage limit from Salesforce.
There is no Size Limitation:
If you are thinking about attaching any file of any size and type, then its high time you should choose for XfilesPro.
Most Compatible Network:
XfilesPro will assist you in establishing the most compatible and authentic network for your file storage.
It’s a Lightning Ready App:
It is a Lightning Ready application with 3.8 version, to provide a better and efficient support.

google components

XfilesPro amalgamating with enhanced Google components

Data, files everywhere! Are you still trying to sort out your files within Salesforce? But do you have enough space?

These are few questions, you do not have to worry anymore. There are many external files storage applications available over the AppExchange platform. However, selecting the correct one can be a daunting task. Then, let us discuss about how to manage the XfilesPro, can become your one stop solution with robust services and enhanced platform. You can now seamlessly store their files, and processes to unleash both productivity and engagement for your business.

The competence of XfilesPro has increased, to help its users across domains to dive deeper customer obsession as well as augment their workflow at a much rapid pace. However, this has become more enhanced with the latest release of XfilesPro, integrating the advanced Google components.

The latest release has been integrated with many new features and components. These are designed in a manner to make the entire experience much more simple and easy for the users. Including features like:

  • Bidirectional sync
  • Create folders & subfolders
  • Map folders to an existing folder
  • Bread crumb view
  • Choose your folder name

Bidirectional sync:

Uploading and syncing files is now lot easier. XfilesPro, knows the pain of one-sided sync facilities. So, we have upgraded ourselves and made it easier for you to both upload and manage your files within GDrive, with our bi-directional sync facility.  

No sooner you have configured GDrive as an external storage, we enable you to upload files from your Drive, and have them in your Salesforce record and vice-versa. The process of uploading the files can happen from any place and all your files will remain in your GDrive.

Now create folders and subfolders:

So, now when you have already managed your files, it’s time for you to organize them perfectly. Now you can organize all your files with XfilesPro, by simply creating new folders and sub-folders within a record.

This feature will help you keep one stack of files separately from the other bunch in an organized manner. This ultimately helps you to navigate through the right folder.

So, install XfilesPro and get the perfect organization of your files.

Bread crumb view and navigate within Salesforce:

So, is your navigation from Salesforce to GDrive becoming very difficult, then navigate with XfilesPro navigation feature. Our feature, not only helps you with navigating folders within Salesforce, but at the same time you do not have to access your external storage for the same.

We have also introduced the breadcrumbs view and access of all your files within one particular folder. Hence, it makes it easier for you to move from one folder to another and choose to upload files in them. Unlike previously, you can now do everything at one place.

Map folders to an existing folder

Is it like this, that you are still struggling with the placing of your files, and whenever you are trying to upload some files, one of the structures gets disturbed. Then, worry no more, there is always an option to make way for solutions. This, XfilesPro have achieved the solution with the mapping of your existing folders.

You can now map your existing folders and also connect with the same without disturbing other folders. Hence, seamless upload is assured with XfilesPro. You can always choose an existing GDrive folder at the time when you are setting-up a storage to upload all your files to that existing GDrive folder. At the same time avoid manually downloading of files and then uploading them in a new folder.

Choose your folder name

As one of the features, default naming is record name+record ID. But now, one can customize it to what one likes. The 3.8 version of XfilesPro allows you to have your desired folder name.  


Salesforce file storage

Understanding Salesforce File Storage Limitation


  1. What is extra storage space on Salesforce?

Salesforce storage facility has always been on the expensive side, and most companies never hit the Salesforce file storage limit. But at any juncture, if you do so, then you can be stuck in a bad situation!!

At such a situation, you can upload an attachment of 5MB per attachment. XfilesPro, as a professional help, stores your files outside of Salesforce, with complete security and maintaining all the compliance regulations. A storage application saving more than 45% of your native Salesforce storage cost, without any usability change.

The Salesforce file size limitations:

  • The Files Tab: 2 GB
  • The CRM Content: 2 GB (Google Docs: 10 MB, 38 MB uploaded via API)
  • The Salesforce Knowledge: 5 MB for attachments
  • The Attachments: 5 MB per file, 10 MB per message, 2 GB feed attachments


  1. What do you understand by Salesforce File Size Limitations?

The file size that is usually seen getting repeated, is the 2 Gigabyte upper limit. This is the maximum size allowed by the program. Since, Salesforce has been integrating with other applications, it should conform to all those limits where they indeed apply. For example, there is a 10 Megabyte limit to the file sizes in Google Docs. In a similar manner, the 5MB single file and the 10 MB file for attachment is not necessarily a limit by the Salesforce, but one must adhere to it.


  1. How to Get Around with Salesforce File Size Limitations?

Now to save all the files, there is no need of paying a huge cost. XfilesPro helps in saving your storage costing. You can achieve more storage facility at a minimum amount. Any attachment of any size and type can indeed be uploaded within any public or private external storage, without the utilization of excess space in Salesforce. Since, it is built on, it holds a proven platform for availability, assurance and security.


Achieve Competitive Edge after using XfilesPro

Its Cost Effective:
You can easily save your money with XfilesPro, in case you have exceeded your storage limit from Salesforce.

No Size Limitation:
If you are thinking about attaching any file of any size and type, then its high time you should opt for XfilesPro.

Compatible Network:
XfilesPro will always assist you in establishing a compatible and authentic network for your file storage.

Its Lightning Ready:
XfilesPro is now Lightning Ready and with 3.4 latest version, its equipped to provide a better and efficient support.

XfilesPro license

One XfilesPro License Cost is now less than a cup of coffee – How?


Are you still stuck with that Extra storage space in Salesforce?
If yes, then it’s time for you to think again!!

Today let us discuss about some ways in which, you can reduce that extra payment to Salesforce. Selecting the appropriate CRM system has been a daunting task. This is indeed considered as one of the most important and effectual decision for business owners. It is highly necessary to evaluate each considered solution before settling down to any platform. One of the crucial factors for such surveillance is the huge cost.

XfilesPro is proud to take you to a tour of the various ways with the help of which you can achieve best Salesforce cloud storage solutions. Such additional expenses may lead the user to pay more at the end of the day with twice the amount which was initially intended. One such instance is, Salesforce. Users must know that over the years, business ventures have been growing with Salesforce, so does their data and files. Hence, a limit in the storage capacity arrives eventually. XfilesPro assists you to store all your files with ease and simplicity within an external storage of your own choice.

XfilesPro claims, to save almost 45% of your native Salesforce storage cost and having the license cost per month even cheaper than a cup of coffee. But the question is how?
Let us have a look.

The Productive Approach

Seamlessly integration with thousands of apps can store your files safely with XfilesPro. Amazon S3 and Google Drive storage options, combining with more, to apprehend an intelligent Salesforce file storage app, XfilesPro works for the faster results. Hence, less storage cost.

The Easy Mobility Option

Deeming with the access to securely move your files XfilesPro claims to save your thousands of dollars. Just as it is done on your desktop, users can attach any number of files via the attachment section. Case Logs, Legal Docs and even Marketing Collateral can be quickly added. Therefore, you do not have to add any further expenses to store such important documents.

A Simplified Control

Compliance and governance have been a seamless part of the way you work in the clouds, XfilesPro is said to quickly manage all the documents, along with easing up the existing storage facility at the same time. Just install the app, configure the storage option and you are ready to reduce the Salesforce storage usage to 90%, along with viewing all your existing files in Salesforce.

Folder Hierarchy

Organized and synchronized in the way to manage files, XfilesPro allows for managing all files and sort the data in an order desired. Searching for files in a vast ocean is like indeed finding a pin, hence the Folder Hierarchy, steps in and links all the object to the respecting folders. This makes XfilesPro more user-friendly and less complicated.

Lightning Customized Component

As seen XfilesPro have been guided with many essential features for its users. One of the most unique feature is to let use or re-use or even integrate any standard or custom object, applications, third-party application, communities, Salesforce1 or any other VF page. Upgraded and completely modified.

Salesforce storage cost

Salesforce costing you too much? XfilesPro can become your Storage Saving Account


Choosing the correct CRM system is quite a daunting task, and can be categorized as the most difficult decision to make. With range of options available, it is highly necessary to evaluate each of them and hence, considered a solution carefully. It is very important to judge every point before settling on any platform.

One of the most critical factors is the cost of the solution, as it turns out, it can be misleading. Many customers later discover, that in addition to the known price, they are as well some forced payments, which needs to be paid to utilize the chosen CRM software more diligently.

All such additional fees are usually quite high and involves the following aspects:

  • Expenses on customizing the platform
  • Integrating with other solutions
  • Accessing all the data from a mobile device

As a result, it can be said that the user may end up paying almost twice as much as the original cost that was initially intended. After weeks of effort, we have decided that all the hidden costs associated with popular CRM solutions like Salesforce, will be discussed here.

The few key pointers are the following:

The Data and File Storage Limits

One of the most important and potentially the expensive part is the data and file storage within the Salesforce system. The platform itself comes with a limit of 1GB data storage and as well a 10GB file storage per organization. There is also an additional 20MB (for Professional and Enterprise plans) or 120MB (for the Performance and Unlimited) data storage, while 100MB file storage per each user.

Additional storage space can be purchased directly from and is available for $5/month for 1GB. Considering that this is not just a one-time payment, file storage at times may actually cost more than the annual license.

The Support

As the basic support option, it has been seen that Salesforce offers something known as the Standard Success Plan. This includes online case submission, support via phone, and two-business day response time.

There also exists one paid alternative, which is known as the Premier Success Plan. This is the one, which offers a 24/7 support, much more faster responses, and as well an expanded training course access. To utilize this solution, you would have to pay an additional 15% of your license list price.

The CRM Access via Mobile Devices

It is true that Salesforce does provide for a free mobile service known as Mobile Lite. However, this solution is impacted with a limited functionality and as well excludes some vital features, such as access to custom objects, configuration customization, and so on. The complete version of this is free for Unlimited Edition customers, however at the same time the Professional and Enterprise plan clients can upgrade the same, involving a cost of $50 per user/month.

The API Calls Limits

An API call limit is usually determined by the number of times the system can contact, or send and receive any vital information, an external data sources. In case of Salesforce, if users tend to go over the maximum number of calls, they are then left with only two options.

  • Either buy more user licenses
  • Upgrade all users to the expensive Salesforce Performance Edition

The Offline Access

Finally, one of the most important thing necessary to consider is simply the ability to access the Salesforce CRM while offline. It is important to have access to all key CRM information, with no internet access. Salesforce provides such a possibility. However, the tool is burdened with a number of limitations such as lack of forecasts, cases and even reports.

Overall, it can be estimated that Salesforce hidden fees can climb up to thousands of dollars on each month. Hence it is important to have a deep round of questions regarding additional fees, and then decide which features are urgently required for you, the rest can be eliminated.  However, you cannot get stuck with your business or a solution, since Salesforce is expensive. Hence, solution like XfilesPro can always be your Salesforce partner, without the involvement of those extra charges.

cloud storage providers

Top Five Reasons to Choose XfilesPro over other Applications

Amazon S3, Google Drive or Box are some of the popular File Storage Applications available on the Cloud. However, the usage of all can only be marked with some assistance. Such support is provided by XfilesPro, a Salesforce Files Management App. Today we will discuss five reasons, why should one chose XfilesPro over other applications.

Build entirely for Salesforce:
XfilesPro is developed on the platform, and all the components are set over Salesforce. Accordingly, it can be said that being a native Salesforce App all the standard functionality like the workflows, approvals, and profiles for file access can be used for XfilesPro.

Easy and Expandable Cloud Storage:
XfilesPro is seamlessly integrated with thousands of apps. Preloaded with Amazon S3 and Google Drive storage options, as well combining with more, to get apprehended as an intelligent cloud management app. Hence, XfilesPro acts as Salesforce files management software with the quickly build enterprise-grade custom apps. In this way, our customers can further have options to choose their local or the internal systems like Local/Network Drive.

Public Sharing is Always Secure:
Having the benefit of sharing your files with anyone, under stringent safety policies, is hard to find. With XfilesPro you are present in the cloud and at the same time eligible to share your files with anyone outside your reach or organization firewall. The process of sharing a simple public link, along with password protected links and expiry date set-up, you can take the benefit of sharing.

Customization and Integration:
Being a native Salesforce App XfilesPro can be easily customized to suit your business needs and requirements. This can also be categorized as easy mobility, which means that you can always move your files as per the requirements. Hence, every aspect of XfilesPro can be customized and integrated as per the needs and demands of our customers.

Cost-Effective Measure:
There is no doubt, in fact, that most of the Salesforce File Management Apps, are quite expensive. Buying space within Salesforce is again quite expensive. At such juncture, XfilesPro is always available to offer you with the best cost-effective measures. Our pricing list is designed in a way to suit your business needs financially.