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We are working towards integrating more features into XfilesPro and we will keep you posted when it’s ready to roll out to you.

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Product Updates

Please read these products updates thoroughly before you install XfilesPro 3.8, as they contain information you need to successfully install the application that the XfilesPro 3.6 user guide may not cover.

This release supports the deployment of the ‘sharing’ feature, ‘default folders per object’ feature, Help links, improvised performance of existing buttons like Storage Setup:Manage, re-ordered fields for non-cloud storage providers, enhanced XfilesPro’s security on Amazon S3 & on network drives & fixed bugs which allowed users to create providers with the same name, thus creating confusion.

This release supports external storages like GDrive, Amazon – S3, FTP, SFTP, SMB & File as usual.


New Features Included:


  • Share Feature

Give people read/edit access to your files with a password on it.

Sharing documents are very common and important across all industries. XfilesPro brings in an easy way of sharing data securely with other departments or members. Share feature is allows limited users to access shared file after having successful password authentication. This is recommended file sharing method to avoid unauthorized file access.

End-result: End-users will be able to share their documents with read/edit access to anyone. End-users will now be notified if their recipients have shared the document with anyone else.
Impact: Grant recipients access to Salesforce files without allowing them to access Salesforce.


  • _Template

You can now ensure you have some files/folders default in every new record that gets created in an object. All you have to do it create a folder and upload files/folders in it and mention the name of the parent folder in Custom Settings. That’s it. You can then have these files/folders everytime a new record is created in an object.

End-result: End-users find it easy to have some default files/folders in every record of an object, instead of the traditional way of uploading files/folders in every record of an object.


Improvements Done:


Some of the existing features have been improvised for the best user experience. In this process some new options have been added. They are as follows –

  • Storage Setup -> Manage button: On click on manage button, the button used to pop-up a little late. Our technical team worked on this and ensured that whenever any user wants to manage the storage provider, it loads without any delay.
End-result: No delay to manage the storage providers.
  • Order of the fields for network providers and error handling has been re-arranged.

Changed the order of the fields one gets at the time of setting up non-cloud storage providers & added new fields while setting up non-cloud storage providers. Added the below fields –

End-result: More secure fields introduced to keep files safely in FTP, SMB or in FILE.
  • Help for this page : Adding “Help fo this Page” message wherever required

The application did not have Help text to guide & educate users about the screen they are on. Help text & links have been updated so that the end-user can get enough information about the field/feature & setup/operate it smoothly.

End-result: No more dependency for the end-user to know what the field/feature is & how to setup/operate the feature
  • Network Drives Security and Error handling:

Our technical team has simplified gateway server bundle for easy deployment & has introduced secret key for enhanced security between gateway server and salesforce. SMB storage will now support SMB V2 and SMB V3 for better security.

Errors are now being handled accurately & we now exactly know which fields are throwing the error messages.

End-result: Enhanced security between gateway server and Salesforce & more precise error handling
  • Amazon S3 Security:

We implemented the V4 security for Amazon-S3 which ensures it supports both public and private buckets. Now you can seamlessly upload, preview, download & delete in both public and private buckets of Amazon S3

End-result: Seamless upload, preview, download & delete in both public and private buckets of Amazon S3


Known General Issues:


The following identified issue is not specific to any version, but it has been fixed in 3.8 –

  • While configuring external storages, application was allowing us to create providers with the same name. This is the issue identified & it has been fixed. The application will ensure that it will not create anymore providers with the same name.

XfilesPro team fixed this bug and tested in the new dev org. We pushed the new code to staging org & it is now released. Regression testing has been done and this bug has been addressed.

End-result: No more providers with the same name.
Impact: No confusion on which storage provider to use.

Please find the grid to see if the rest of the features get impacted due to 3.8 release – 


There’s more to come!

We are working towards integrating several new aspects into XfilesPro and we will keep you posted when it’s ready to roll out to you.

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