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Release Notes 3.9

Introduction to Release Notes

Welcome to the release notes for XfilesPro 3.9!

Read these release notes thoroughly before you install XfilesPro 3.9, as they contain information you need to successfully install the application that the XfilesPro 3.8 user guide may not cover.

New Features Included:

  • Email Service for uploading Attachment, files for S3 Provider:

Whenever an email comes to Salesforce, automatically the email  attachments  will be moved to the respective storage provider

  • “_Trash” folder feature for Google drive: Once the file is deleted from Salesforce,  it won’t be deleted from the Google drive instead a “_Trash” folder will be created and the deleted file will be moved to “_Trash” folder.  This will be available as record level folder in the GDrive
  • Dashboard: This is exclusively for the administrator. By default, the dashboard contains two reports. One for number files uploaded and other for how much data  (size) has been uploaded

Release notes 3.9 Pic 1

  • Export Module for local providers: This feature allows customer to export their salesforce “Notes and attachment” and “Files”  files to Xfilespro for local providers   


Note: Earlier in 3.8 version we were supporting for standard attachments for S3 and Google Drive however in 3.9 we are supporting standard files for all storage providers


Some of the existing features have been improvised for the best user experience. In this process, some new options have been added. They are as follows –

  • Improvement implemented while setting up S3 Provider
      • In 3.8 while creating Amazon S3 provider, we were manually selecting Region for bucket however in 3.9 the region will be automatically selected while selecting the bucket  
      • In 3.8 if the user does not have permission for accessing bucket but still the user was able to create the S3 provider with that bucket. But in 3.9 an error message will be thrown if the user does not have access

    Release notes 3.9 Pic 2

      • While configuring S3 if the user does not select at least one object then a warning message will be thrown stating “You have to select at least one object to complete the setup. Do you want to continue without object?”

    Release notes 3.9 Pic 3

      • While uploading duplicate file SDFC to Amazon S3 a warning message will be thrown asking for permission. If the user still go ahead then the file will override the existing file in Amazon S3

    Release notes 3.9 Pic 4

      • Remote sites settings are validated while creating S3 provider as the prerequisite.
      • Scrollbar and header in list component:  The scroll bar is added in list component.  

    Release notes 3.9 Pic 5


Known Issues:


Previous Release Notes:


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