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Release Notes 4.0

Introduction to Release Notes

Please ensure that after you install the 4.0 Package you must create remote site setting. It is prerequisites.

Remote Sites Setting Configuration

Navigation: Salesforce Setup → Remote Site Settings
Add the following URL’s
● Org Instance URL https://ceparc.<instanceId> .visual.force.com

● Ex: https://ceparc.na50.visual.force.com

New features included: 

Xfilespro supports Microsoft OneDrive/ Sharepoint as could storage: 

Now xfilesPro support OneDrive  as storage provider, like S3 and Google Drive.  Files can be uploaded and accessed seamlessly to/from Onedrive. OneDrive button can be seen along with AmazonS3, Google Drive, and Local on the home page.


Handling Email-to-Case attachments: 

Now any attachments come to Salesforce via email to case, will be stored in XfilesPro service provider. Now XfilesPro will automatically export the file to cloud service provider as soon as an attachment received via email to case. Thes attachments will be seamlessly accessed via XfilesPro.

Similarly, when a file/attachment sent from salesforce from a case, the attachment won’t be exported to external cloud storage provider, however, we can manually export to external cloud service provider.

Now “Export All Email Attachment” button is available in case detail page by which all outbound attachments will be exported to XfilesPro

Also, the file level Export is possible, now the Export button available in action menu as displayed in the picture by which the attachment can be exported to XfilesPro

Auto Configure Amazon S3: 

Now configuration of Amazon S3 provider during the set up has been automated. with a single button “Configure Amazon S3” click a pop up will open and it will ask you to enter root level username and password. Once it is entered it will automatically create the IAM user, Bucket, Policy and Attach the policy to the user. The IAM user credential detail will be sent to end user via email.

Auto-transfer of email attachments to the external storage :

When email service is configured in salesforce in any organization,  it is obvious that it meant to be received a lot of emails with attachments. These attachments occupy storage space in salesforce which ultimately increase the COST.  XfilesPro has the inbuilt feature by which all attachments and files received in an email will be automatically exported to external storage cloud provider (Amazon S3 and Google Drive). The user can seamlessly access those files and attachments via XfilesPro.

Handling lead conversion attachments : 

Migrating files to the external storage during lead conversion:

in Salesforce, during the lead conversion process, deletes the lead & moves the files to the account and contact which are created during the lead conversion process.
In this release, a new feature is implemented, by which XfilesPro takes care moving these files to the external storage seamlessly. A simple configuration in XfilesPro will ensure that files are moved and available in your external storage.

Migrate existing external storage files to Salesforce through Xfilespro: 

A new feature is implemented in this release by which it (Import module) helps in linking existing Files/Attachments which reside in your Amazon S3 provider to salesforce.


Document sharing to a non Salesforce user as URL link: 

A new feature is implemented in XfilesPro by which user can share file URL via Email with others who are not using Salesforce so that they can preview & Download files.

When the public link is clicked, a pop-up window will come, from here the link can be copied and shared to others

Export button in action drop-down menu of List component: 

In the list component, the Export button can be found in the drop-down Action menu. On click of this menu item, that particular file will be exported to the configured provider. This can be considered as file level export.

Detail page button for export: 

Two new buttons as shown below have been implemented for attachments and files. On click of these buttons, files related to that records will be exported to the configured provider. This can be considered as Record level export.


Export Module UI: 

Export module UI has been revamped with some additional feature. The Export menu is present in Xfiespro home page left menu,

The export utility also has a new field “Choose Object” in which gives the list of objects configured for selected provider.


Filter criteria for Standard files will support parentId instead of LinkedEntityId.

Do NOT use “Parent.Type” field in the criteria as you are selecting the object from the field

Default files and folder on every record: 

If you want to have some default files/folders in every record of an object, instead of the traditional way of uploading files/folders in every record of an object, then the solution is implemented in this release of XfilesPro.

You can now ensure you have some files/folders default in every new record that gets created in an object. All you have to do it create a folder and upload files/folders in it and mention the name of the parent folder in Custom Settings. That’s it. You can then have these files/folders every time a new record is created in an object.

XfilesPro took a step further in this feature. If you are in an industry that does a lot of lead conversions & you want to move only specific folders to different child records, then you can now easily do it with XfilesPro.


Custom setting on home page: 

To simplify the process,  XfilesPro is having the custom setting menu in XfilesPro Homepage itself. User don not to toggle between objects and custom setting to change the setting. It provides the same setting option which was earlier done in customer setting option.


Auto create VF page for any provider while setting up the object for the provider: 

In earlier XfilesPro version the Visualforce page (list component and GDrive component if you set up Google Drive as provide) need to be created and integrated into object layout page,  however, in this release, this process has been automated. Visualforce pages will be automatically created for the object when the storage provider is created during the setup.



Some of the existing features have been improvised for the best user experience. In this process, some new options have been added. They are as follows –

S3 and Google Drive – the same Name already exists message: 

In the earlier version of XfilesPro, it was allowed to create the provider with the same name even it had spaces at the end and at the beginning.

In the new version, no duplicate provider names will be allowed irrespective of the blank spaces.


Uploading duplicate files and page refresh required Upload same file, which is already uploaded: 

Filter criteria for Standard files will support parentId instead of LinkedEntityId.

If the  “Parent.Type” field in the criteria is used as you are selecting the object from the field

You will get the error message.


No Files loss during Merge/Conversion Two new validations are implemented: 

Earlier blank space was allowed as root-folder name in SFTP and GDrive,  now it won’t be accepted and it will ask you “Please provide root folder name “.

Spaces in password filed: 

Earlier blank spaces were allowed in the password field, now it will throw an error message “Please provide password”

Deleting upload files:

Before: When the file is deleted from GDrive it was still showing in List component in Salesforce. If we try to delete the same file from salesforce it was neither deleting the file nor doing anything.

After: Now when the file is deleted from salesforce it will ask for the confirmation about deleting the file, if the user clicks on YES/OK  then the file will be deleted.

Change successful message on click of manage : 

The error message has been updated from  ‘successfully created cloud storage provider’ to ‘Successfully updated cloud storage provider’ when the Google driver provider is managed/Updated.

Storage setup page closes automatically on success: 


In the provider setup page for all providers, when clicked on “Submit”, on success there is a success message displayed on top for a couple of seconds and gets closed automatically.


The pop-up window will stay for 5/6 secs and then it will be closed automatically.

XfilesPro Home page icon change: 

Manage content and Storage set up icons are not sync in different places/pages. Now, these icons are sync where ever it is used.

Removing Unwanted log Entries: 

For gateway we have a log file which contains all details about the activities, there are many unwanted entries were there which were clean up by fixing the code.

CSP trusted sites for local providers in lightening: 

In Lightning mode, a note will be displayed in Manage screen to inform the user to add CSP trusted sites with mentioned URL.

Unable to provide “IS Support File ” permission to the standard user, using standard user custom setting: 

We had two situations where the XfilesPro was not functioning as expected. Now these have been fixed in this release


Custom setting Standard User Admin Who perform the action Actual Result Expect Result
IS Support File Unchecked Checked Standard user upload the file it is uploaded as File It should be uploaded as attachment
IS Support File Checked Unchecked Standard user upload the file It is uploaded as attachment It should be uploaded as file



There are almost 60 bugs/defects related to UI improvements, stability and technical issues were addressed in this release.

Known Issues:


Previous Release Notes:


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