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We are working towards integrating more features into XfilesPro and we will keep you posted when it’s ready to roll out to you.

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Release Notes

XfilesPro Release Notes – v6.0



XfilesPro v6.0 comes with a set of new features & enhancements to help you enhance your file management experience in Salesforce.

New Features:

  1. Handling the special characters for all providersNow, when the folder or file names have the below special characters in it which are not supported by the cloud providers, we are replacing it with the user-specified characters or else with default characters.
    • Amazon S3 & | ‘ ” < > ~ [ `# } % ] {
    • Google Drive |
    • OneDrive filenames * < > ? : | “
    • OneDrive folder name * < > ? : | “ tested in drive
    • SharePoint * < > ? : | “
    • Local providers : * ? ” < > |

    Note: $ is not supported as a replaceable character for any of the providers.

  2. Role and Hierarchy based setup (Bi-sync and List components)Now, admin can assign the action permissions to the user and profile. If nothing is assigned to the user and profile by default the user will access the org level default app setup.
    • Upload
    • Download
    • Delete
    • Share
  3. Auto Export: Files/Attachments can be exported using Export Utility
    • Min size 200 bytes
    • Max upto 100 MB
    • SharePoint and One drive can be scheduled with the help of additional scheduler code to auto export upto 8 MB.
  4. SharePoint – Additional column support from XfilesPro
    Custom columns present in the SharePoint will be shown in the Bi Directional component according to the customer need


Enhancements and Bug fixes:

  • Template feature for multiple Objects
  • For XfilesProSiteUser adding namespace and giving minimum permissions for Standard User
  • Hover for all the columns of List and Bi Sync – Lightning
  • Download issue for a single file
  • UI issue in the Introduction page


Known Issues:


Previous Release Notes:

About XfilesPro

XfilesPro is an easy & cost-effective external file storage & collaboration solution for Salesforce. Users can upload & collaborate unlimited Salesforce files to external Cloud (AWS, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, SharePoint) or On-premise (FTP, SMB Windows Share, FILE) system & save high Salesforce file storage costs using XfilesPro.

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