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Release Notes

XfilesPro 5.0 (Spring ’20 Release)

XfilesPro Spring ’20 (Version 5.0) release is now live with the most awaited feature of SharePoint integration. Salesforce users can now move files from Salesforce to SharePoint using XfilesPro with seamless integration & collaboration. 

The release primarily focused on SharePoint integration with Salesforce for XfilesPro along with varied other new features. With this new storage addition, XfilesPro now supports over 7 external Cloud & On-premise storage systems. Here is a sneak peek of the latest release.

New Features

  • SharePoint Storage Provider

We have introduced a New Provider – SharePoint which supports List Component and supports file upload till 1.5GB.

  • Amazon Bi-Sync component 

Supports Bi-directional components for Amazon S3 in Classic and Lightning. XfilesPro users can manage the files stored in AWS directly from their Salesforce CRM.



Enhancement of Existing Features

  • Amazon S3 Large File size Upload

Now using XfilesPro components, files of size 25GB+ can be uploaded to Amazon S3. 

  • Unmapping Functionality for Google Drive

XfilesPro now supports folder unmapping for Google Drive users, if the user has wrongly mapped a folder or wants to modify the already mapped folders.

  • Google Drive Large File size Upload

Now using XfilesPro components, users can upload files up to 8GB to Google Drive. 

  • OneDrive Large File size Upload

Now using XfilesPro components, users can upload files up to 1.5GB to OneDrive.

  • Email-To-Case for One Drive

Any attachments coming to your Salesforce system from email-to-case will be automatically stored in OneDrive (if you are using OneDrive for remote file storage) with XfilesPro’s inbuilt functionality till attachment size of 3 MB.

  • Share feature for Team Drive

Introduced Share & Public Link feature for Team Drive.


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About XfilesPro

XfilesPro is an easy & cost-effective external file storage & collaboration solution for Salesforce. Users can upload & collaborate unlimited Salesforce files to external Cloud (AWS, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, SharePoint) or On-premise (FTP, SMB Windows Share, FILE) system & save high Salesforce file storage costs using XfilesPro.

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