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We are working towards integrating more features into XfilesPro and we will keep you posted when it’s ready to roll out to you.

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Release Notes

XfilesPro Release Notes – v5.11



XfilesPro 5.11 comes with a couple of new features, enhancements and bug fixes based on feedback from our customers and quality assurance.


  1. XfilesPro supports Changing of Date format for New Bi-directional component:
    Now users can change the Date format of the files Uploaded in ​Bi-directional component to ​dd/mm/yyyy​ or ​mm/dd/yyyy​ format.
  2. XfilesPro supports Mass Share for both List and Bi Sync component for all the providers.(except Google Drive Bi-directional Component)
    Now users can share upto 10 files at a time using our Mass Share button.



  1. We had restricted the upload of files if the file name had more than 80 characters. However now we have removed the restriction and as of now we are supporting it if the file name has upto 200 characters.



There are 12 Bugs related to UI improvements, stability and security issues were addressed in this release.

Known Issues:


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XfilesPro is an easy & cost-effective external file storage & collaboration solution for Salesforce. Users can upload & collaborate unlimited Salesforce files to external Cloud (AWS, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, SharePoint) or On-premise (FTP, SMB Windows Share, FILE) system & save high Salesforce file storage costs using XfilesPro.

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