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Hayden Sohr

The ultimate application with the best team! I had the best experience when recently migrating to XFiles Pro from another provider. The XFiles Pro team bent over backwards to help me with the migration and get up and running ASAP! I couldn't have done it without all of their work and expertise. We are really happy with XFiles Pro and highly recommend it.

Michael Bowling

File storage costs have always been a large expense for us, but with XfilesPro, it has provided a massive reduction in cost! XfilesPro saves us a lot of file storage space and therefore our file storage cost has dramatically reduced too. The product is easy to install and setup. We've been with XfilesPro for years now and have watched the product evolve with market trends. The team are always quick to respond with clear answers to any questions we have. I only have positive things to say about XfilesPro and would recommend it to anyone. XfilesPro is definitely a valuable resource for any company in need of easy-to-access file storage beyond Salesforce's limits, and anyone who uses the app can look forward to first-rate customer service.

Antonio Albuquerque

Great App and great support With the help of the application, we can store our documents on Google Drive and no need to pay any costs. The application helps us to save storage costs instead of paying extra hosting fees for Salesforce. When we needed help from XFilePro, we contacted to them and they were ready to listen to our requests then they helped us to solve our problems quickly.

Roberta Peres

Resolves the issue of file storage in Salesforce We got a problem with File Storage in Salesforce (reached the limit). To expand the storage we need to buy more storage space with Salesforce and it's quite expensive. This app solved the problem, now we can save our files to Google Drive or Amazon S3 instead of save them on Salesforce. When we had an issue we contacted support and they support very fast. We appreciate this product. Our firm has been looking for a reliable and file storage solution that integrates Salesforce with our external storage provider. XfilesPro is perfect for what we needed. I highly recommend this app for any business looking to store files in their desired storage providers. This app is efficient and allows you a lot of flexibility. Great price point and excellent support! I have implemented this app and I would highly recommend this to future clients who need to attach large (and small) files to Salesforce records for an excellent price. The app itself is very easy to install and set up.

Wayne Sturman

I have been using Xfiles Pro for several years without any issues. As a result of Salesforce Summer '15 update I started having trouble with downloading the linked files from DropBox.. I contacted Support and the issue was investigated and solved within 24 hours.. You can't ask for better service then that.. I would highly recommend this product and the company that supports it.

Joe Smallwood

1st Class All The Way Wow! We have had a wonderful experience with the XFilesPro Support Team. I recommend this App for anyone interested with file storage to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and/or Amazon. We're currently using their integration tool for Google Drive, and it has been very successful. The XFilesPro support team has been very responsive, very organized, and very helpful. I cannot say enough good things about CEPTES, and as I said at the beginning... I highly recommend their work! 5/5! Thank you XFilesPro team for your continued help and support!