Features of XfilesPro


Expandable Cloud Storage – Stay Productive

XfilesPro is seamlessly integrated with thousands of apps you can store your files with. We are providing Amazon S3 and Google Drive storage options, as well combining with more, to apprehend us as an intelligent Salesforce file storage app. We entitle you with quickly build custom apps and communities so that our customers can further have options to choose their local or the internal systems like (SMB,SFTP, FTP or local/network Drive). We leverage smarter and faster app to help you get entitled with a one time cost saving storage app.

Bidirectional sync:

Uploading and syncing files is now lot easier. XfilesPro, knows the pain of one-sided sync facilities. So, we have upgraded ourselves and made it easier for you to both upload and manage your files within GDrive, with our bi-directional sync facility.  

No sooner you have configured GDrive as an external storage, we enable you to upload files from your Drive, and have them in your Salesforce record and vice-versa. The process of uploading the files can happen from any place and all your files will remain in your GDrive.

Folder Hierarchy – A Systematized Solution

Sorted and synchronized way to manage your files. One of the competent and latest features in XfilesPro is to allow you to manage all your files and at the same time, sort your data in an order you desire. Searching for files in a vast ocean is like finding a pin, here one of our most important features that is Folder Hierarchy, steps in and links all the object to the respecting folders. Most of the unlinked files get directed to a ‘document’ folder, in the external storage, to keep everything synchronized and maintained.

Create folders and subfolders:

So, now when you have already managed your files, it’s time for you to organize them perfectly. Now you can organize all your files with XfilesPro, by simply creating new folders and sub-folders within a record.

This feature will help you keep one stack of files separately from the other bunch in an organized manner. This ultimately helps you to navigate through the right folder.

So, install XfilesPro and get the perfect organization of your files.

Map folders to an existing folder

Is it like this, that you are still struggling with the placing of your files, and whenever you are trying to upload some files, one of the structures gets disturbed. Then, worry no more, there is always an option to make way for solutions. This, XfilesPro have achieved the solution with the mapping of your existing folders.

You can now map your existing folders and also connect with the same without disturbing other folders. Hence, seamless upload is assured with XfilesPro. You can always choose an existing GDrive folder at the time when you are setting-up a storage to upload all your files to that existing GDrive folder. At the same time avoid manually downloading of files and then uploading them in a new folder.

Drag-drop files – Easy Mobility

Drag your files and save thousands!! XfilesPro deems you with the access to securely move your files. Just as you do it on your desktop, we allow, our users to attach any number of files via the attachment section. We are one of the leading Salesforce cloud storage app that lets you both drag and drop multiple files for instant uploading into Salesforce. Case Logs, Legal Docs and even Marketing Collateral can be quickly added as well..

Export Utility – Simplified Control

XfilesPro makes compliance and governance a seamless part of the way you work in the clouds. This feature can help you quickly manage all your documents, along with easing up your existing storage facility at the same time. You just have to install the app, then configure your external storage and run the export utility feature. In almost no time it will migrate all your existing files to the external storage. This process will not only help you reduce the Salesforce storage usage to 90%, but at the same time, you’ll be able to view all your existing files in Salesforce.

Preview and Download Files – An Innovation

There are many files, available in the configured files storage and to unlock them, you just have to browse and have them available to Salesforce. Rather, it has been suggested that one should always share the remote files to reduce the overall storage by making the same file get reused for multiple times. Hence, XfilesPro is creating innovation in the genre of external file storage for Salesforce.

Lightning Customized Component – A Unique Feature:

Sorted and synchronized XfilesPro provides its users with various features. One of the unique features is to let our users use/reuse or even integrate any standard or custom object, applications, third party application, communities, Salesforce1 or any other VF page.

Bread crumb view and navigate within Salesforce:

So, is your navigation from Salesforce to GDrive becoming very difficult, then navigate with XfilesPro navigation feature. Our feature, not only helps you with navigating folders within Salesforce, but at the same time you do not have to access your external storage for the same.

We have also introduced the breadcrumbs view and access of all your files within one particular folder. Hence, it makes it easier for you to move from one folder to another and choose to upload files in them. Unlike previously, you can now do everything at one place.

Choose your folder name

As one of the features, default naming is record name+record ID. But now, one can customize it to what one likes. The 3.8 version of XfilesPro allows you to have your desired folder name.  

Password Protected File Sharing

Give people read/edit access to your files with a password on it.

Sharing documents are very common and important across all industries. XfilesPro brings in an easy way of sharing data securely with other departments or members. Share feature is allows limited users to access shared file after having successful password authentication. This is recommended file sharing method to avoid unauthorized file access.