Features of XfilesPro

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The below screenshot gives you a gist of how Introduction tab & the content in this tab look like –



Introduction tab has three sections. They are –  


  1. Get Started: This section talks about that XfilesPro is and gives you a gist of its features.
  2. Setup: This section allows you to set up an external storage, be it external or internal. You will see button: Storage Setup which will take you to tab: Storage Setup(add link). For more information on this, click here(add link to Storage Setup tab)
  3. Resources: This section allows site visitors to educate themselves more about XfilesPro. This section helps site visitors easily find information that they seek.  We have the below buttons in this section –
    • Getting Started –  button: Getting Started section helps end-users to start setting up the application.
    • Knowledge Base –  button: Knowledge Base educates end-users about XfilesPro, it’s features, provides a detailed user guide and more details of XfilesPro
    • Demo – button: Demo allows site visitors to try XfilesPro in a demo org which XfilesPro maintains. If site visitors do not have a Salesforce org/do not want to try XfilesPro in their org, then they can try our demo org and see how XfilesPro functions.
    • Videos: button: Videos allows site visitors to see our features, customer testimonials & more information about XfilesPro on our YouTube channel.
    • Blog – button: Blog allows site visitors to see visit our blog & subscribe to our blogs to get regular updates from the XfilesPro world
    • Product Updates – button: Product Updates gives details of what features got introduced/modified or deprecated in the recent releases.
    • Feedback/Chat –  button: Feedback/Chat allows site visitors to give suggestions/feedback and chat with our support team.
    • Support- button: Support allows the user to mail and get the help from the support team any point of time.