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User Guide – Manage Content

Manage Content:

This tab allows you to view file details & allows end-users to delete & download files.

The below screenshot gives you a gist of how Manage Content tab & the content in this tab look like.

It contain a table with the following headers –

  • File Name:It specify the name of the file which we have uploaded.
  • Provider Type:It specify the name of the provider that we have setup.
  • Created Date:It specify the Date when we have upload the file.
  • Action:it is having 2 option like Delete and Download.
  • On Click of delete the files will be get deleted
  • Onclick of download the files will be get downloaded

  • Click on Delete we are able to see the delete popup window
  • Click on Download the file need to be get downloaded
  • It will show the number of files uploaded.
  • It allows the user to search the required file.
  • Click on File name we are able to preview the file.