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User Guide – Xfiles Common Settings

Xfiles Common Settings

Xfiles Common Settings will appear the like below screen.(add the screenshot) –

Below are the options that you can use in Xfiles Common Settings –

  • Allowed Content Type
  • Can Delete
  • Enable Map Folder Setup
  • Can Share
  • Gateway_url
  • Log Server Error
  • Send Email Error Notification
  • Set Error Template
  • Allowed Content Size(in MBs)
  • Enable Custom Folder Setup
  • No of files
  • Template folder


Note: Not all the fields in Xfiles Common Settings are activated and they will be activated in the future releases. But the ones which are jot down above are functional

Allow Content Type : This option lets an administrator control the type of files a user/a profile can upload. In the below screenshot, if an admin enters the type of file, say .doc, then the end-user can upload only .doc files through XfilesPro. Leaving this option blank means that an end-user can upload any kind of file. While entering multiple files types, they need to be separated with a comma. Ex: .doc, .pdf .


Can Delete option allows an administrator to control a user/a profile’s ability to delete a file from Salesforce.


Enable Map Folder Setup allows an administrator control if a user can map an existing folder where all the files would be saved to.


Can Share option allows a user/a profile to share a file. We this field is checked, the end-user can see this option on the XfilesPro section in Salesforce.


Gateway URL option lets a user & an admin to enter a gateway url while setting up a local storage provider


Log Server Error: This feature enables users to log server errors in Application Exception Audit object . If this option is disabled, server exceptions will not be logged.


Send Email Error Notification This feature enables users to send email notification about the error details. Users who are logged in will receive email notifications regarding the error details. These email notifications are by default.


Set Error Template: This feature enables users to use custom email templates which they have already composed. By default this application uses Application Exception Template for sending emails.


Allowed Content Size(in MBs) options lets an administrator control the size of files a user can upload. There is no file limit restriction for the application. The limit is governed by the external storage that you choose. For example :- Amazon S3 has greater file storage capacity than Google Drive or Dropbox.


Enable Custom Folder Setup option allows an end-user to create a folder & sub-folders in a record page(only for GDrive users)


No of files option lets an administrator control the number of files a user/a profile can upload at a time. In the below screenshot, a user/admin should enter the no. of files that he wants to limit.  


Template Folder option let’s users to have some files/folders as default files/folders in every record in a particular object. Click here to learn more.


Log Error Related Info: This feature enables users to log error-related info in Application Exception Audit object.