Features of XfilesPro

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XfilesPro is a unique and advanced file storage system built for Salesforce users to manage all their files outside of Salesforce efficiently and still have it available within Salesforce.

Salesforce makes your brand stay in the spotlight, increase sales, remain closely connected with customers and co-workers at the same time. With the increase of workload in Salesforce, your file storage also increases and so does the Salesforce file storage cost. If you need to find a way to solve this matter without affecting your business growth, then you must have XfilesPro. It gives you the space to manage huge files/documents for your business externally.

XfilesPro supports public storages, private storages like FTP, SMB and network drives & also any of the customers’ private content management systems.

The best part is that the SFDC file storage is not getting filled up because XfilesPro saves the files externally. It lets you upload as many files as you want without worrying about the file size, file type or the upload count.


Features of XfilesPro: XfilesPro is now power-packed with the following features. Take a look at each of them.