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You can now eliminate your Salesforce storage cost with XfilesPro!

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XfilesPro supports multiple external storage systems both Cloud (AWS, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) and On-premise (SMB Windows Share, SFTP, File System, etc.)

File Management


Using XfilesPro components, files are directly stored in the external storage. XfilesPro supports other file operations like view, download, preview, delete, share directly from the Salesforce UI.

Export/Import Utility


Initial file migration from Salesforce storage to external storage can be done through ’Export’ utility & if the files are in external storage, it can be linked with the Salesforce system using ‘Import’ utility.

External File Sharing


File URLs can be shared via Email with external users who are out of the Salesforce system in order to enable them to preview and download files

Customized Folder Hierarchy


The remote storage folder structure can be based on object relations or completely customized to any hierarchy.

Templatized Folder Structure


Automatic multiple folders creations during each record based on the template

Recycle Bin for Deleted Files


Any deleted files can be placed in Recycle Bin for future restore.

Handling Email Attachments


Attachments received through Emails can be automatically moved to external storage.