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Highlights of the Webinar

Highlights of the Webinar on Salesforce File Storage


We would like to thank you for attending our latest webinar on Salesforce file storage titled “The Art of Managing Salesforce File Storage Cost-effectively”. It was a pleasure hosting so many of you and we firmly believe the information that we shared during the session was informative. By now you must have got a full recap of the webinar along with other assets in your email from our support team. For those who missed the webinar this time, nothing to worry. We are going to give you all the highlights of the webinar here in this post.

The speakers of the webinar were Harish, Rachana & Nandakumar who are the core team members of XfilesPro. Harish started the webinar by giving an overview of Salesforce file storage and addressing the current challenges faced by most of the Salesforce customers when it comes to Salesforce file storage. As Salesforce offered additional storage cost is very high, most of the enterprises look for alternative strategies in order to manage their files and attachments. Storing Salesforce files in external storage systems is one of the best strategies which many of us consider. But, what about other related challenges with this including file accessibility, integration, collaboration, etc.? There comes XfilesPro.

Rachana, who is the Customer Success Manager of XfilesPro introduced the application and briefly talked about how it is efficiently addressing Salesforce file storage challenges with its unique features and capabilities. Salesforce customers can use XfilesPro to store & collaborate unlimited files in any external storage systems (Cloud/On-premise) with seamless integration & collaboration. She also talked about a couple of awesome real use cases of our current customers and how XfilesPro helped them save huge file storage costs.

During the closing minutes of the webinar, Harish took us on a short drive into the top XfilesPro features and benefits and explained how XfilesPro has mastered the art of Salesforce file storage management cost-effectively. Today, XfilesPro has a strong customer base with over 100 customers spanning over every industry. 

Thank you again for joining the webinar & making it a huge success. We will be shortly going to announce our next webinar date and title of this webinar series on Salesforce file storage. Please follow us on our social channels to get all the updates about the upcoming webinar. 

You can have a look at the webinar recording here & can download the webinar deck here

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Webinar: The Art of Managing Salesforce File Storage Cost-effectively


We are all set to begin our most-awaited series of webinars on Salesforce file storage. The request for this webinar series was at the peak after our successful webinar series on Salesforce data storage. In our upcoming webinar, we are going to have a deep dive into Salesforce file storage challenges and best-in-class tips and tricks to overcome them.

If you are a Salesforce CRM user, there are high chances of you dealing with a lot of files & attachments. With time & growing business, enterprises add more number of users and also start using Salesforce more extensively. This will accumulate a huge volume of files & attachments. There will be a time when this will hit the file storage cap. How to deal with this?  Deleting files which you don’t need? Does that sound practical? It doesn’t & it won’t work on a long-run. 

We often see enterprises want to use external storage systems for their Salesforce file storage. Is it that easy? Actually, it is. However, storing & collaborating Salesforce files in any external storage system needs a secure setting with a strategic approach. You need to execute a seamless integration between your Salesforce system & desired external storage. All these needs expertise along with highest technical skills.

Well, this is your opportunity. This 30 minutes action-packed webinar will help you understand the best strategy on how to manage your Salesforce file storage by securely shifting all your files & attachments to an external system without impacting the user experience. Hosted by team XfilesPro, the webinar will talk about best practices of Salesforce file storage & collaboration in an external storage system including both Cloud & On-Prem. You will also see how to integrate Salesforce-AWS, Salesforce-Google, Salesforce-OneDrive, Salesforce-Dropbox, Salesforce-Any On-Prem Storage System for seamless external file storage with a purpose to reduce high file storage costs.

Being the most trusted external file storage & collaboration solution for Salesforce, XfilesPro has been the #1 solution for quite a long time now. Salesforce customers from varied industries & of different sizes are using XfilesPro for their file management & saving huge storage costs. To know more, please check XfilesPro AppExchange Page.

Webinar Details
Title: The Art of Managing Salesforce File Storage Cost-effectively
Date: 27th August 2019, Tuesday
Time: 10:00 AM EST
Duration: 30 Minutes

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