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Are you dealing with a lot of files & attachments in Salesforce? How can you adopt a long-term file management strategy with 360-degree file collaboration? Install XfilesPro from the AppExchange, and integrate any external Cloud/On-premise storage system within the Salesforce with seamless collaboration & file access. With XfilesPro, reduce your Salesforce file storage cost by over 70%.



Per user per month

(Billed Anually)

• For Enterprise customers looking for volume licenses, please get in touch for more information


$9.99 - $1.99

Per user per month

(Billed Anually)

• Pricing varies from $9.99 - $1.99 depending on the number of licenses

Additional Pricing


  • We offer subsidized pricing to community users.
  • We also offer Org-wide pricing for high-volume users.
  • Discount available for non-profits