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Salesforce storage cost

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Choosing the correct CRM system is quite a daunting task, and can be categorized as the most difficult decision to make. With range of options available, it is highly necessary to evaluate each of them and hence, considered a solution carefully. It is very important to judge every point before settling on any platform.

One of the most critical factors is the cost of the solution, as it turns out, it can be misleading. Many customers later discover, that in addition to the known price, they are as well some forced payments, which needs to be paid to utilize the chosen CRM software more diligently.

All such additional fees are usually quite high and involves the following aspects:

  • Expenses on customizing the platform
  • Integrating with other solutions
  • Accessing all the data from a mobile device

As a result, it can be said that the user may end up paying almost twice as much as the original cost that was initially intended. After weeks of effort, we have decided that all the hidden costs associated with popular CRM solutions like Salesforce, will be discussed here.

The few key pointers are the following:

The Data and File Storage Limits

One of the most important and potentially the expensive part is the data and file storage within the Salesforce system. The platform itself comes with a limit of 1GB data storage and as well a 10GB file storage per organization. There is also an additional 20MB (for Professional and Enterprise plans) or 120MB (for the Performance and Unlimited) data storage, while 100MB file storage per each user.

Additional storage space can be purchased directly from and is available for $5/month for 1GB. Considering that this is not just a one-time payment, file storage at times may actually cost more than the annual license.

The Support

As the basic support option, it has been seen that Salesforce offers something known as the Standard Success Plan. This includes online case submission, support via phone, and two-business day response time.

There also exists one paid alternative, which is known as the Premier Success Plan. This is the one, which offers a 24/7 support, much more faster responses, and as well an expanded training course access. To utilize this solution, you would have to pay an additional 15% of your license list price.

The CRM Access via Mobile Devices

It is true that Salesforce does provide for a free mobile service known as Mobile Lite. However, this solution is impacted with a limited functionality and as well excludes some vital features, such as access to custom objects, configuration customization, and so on. The complete version of this is free for Unlimited Edition customers, however at the same time the Professional and Enterprise plan clients can upgrade the same, involving a cost of $50 per user/month.

The API Calls Limits

An API call limit is usually determined by the number of times the system can contact, or send and receive any vital information, an external data sources. In case of Salesforce, if users tend to go over the maximum number of calls, they are then left with only two options.

  • Either buy more user licenses
  • Upgrade all users to the expensive Salesforce Performance Edition

The Offline Access

Finally, one of the most important thing necessary to consider is simply the ability to access the Salesforce CRM while offline. It is important to have access to all key CRM information, with no internet access. Salesforce provides such a possibility. However, the tool is burdened with a number of limitations such as lack of forecasts, cases and even reports.

Overall, it can be estimated that Salesforce hidden fees can climb up to thousands of dollars on each month. Hence it is important to have a deep round of questions regarding additional fees, and then decide which features are urgently required for you, the rest can be eliminated.  However, you cannot get stuck with your business or a solution, since Salesforce is expensive. Hence, solution like XfilesPro can always be your Salesforce partner, without the involvement of those extra charges.