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Extend File Storage Capabilities of Salesforce by Integrating SharePoint

Don’t let the limitations of Salesforce file storage like inadequate storage space, poor file accessibility, difficult document management, & recurring storage costs bring your user experience down. Instead use XfilesPro to integrate your Salesforce solutions like Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, Service Cloud, etc with SharePoint & migrate all files there to overcome the challenges & streamline your workflow.

Support for Multiple External Storages: Cloud & On-premise

Centralized Content Management & Seamless File Collaboration

Automated File Archiving Capability

Smart Folder Management

Enhanced Visibility & Global Search for Files

File/Folder Syncing

Unlocking the real potential of your file storage & taking the file management experience in Salesforce to newer horizons is now easier than ever with XfilesPro. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

XfilesPro is Beneficial for YOU

  • 3X+ ROI (80%+ Direct Cost Savings)
  • Improved File Accessibility
  • External & Internal User Collaboration
  • Community User File Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Better File Collaboration

Great Solution!

We used XFiles Pro to integrate SharePoint with Salesforce and it does exactly what it says on a tin. The solution is quite easy to install and navigate, the users praised it for its simplicity and functionality. I also have to say, the team has done an amazing job in supporting us throughout the entire process.


Edita Bruzaityte

A Successful XfilesPro Implementation Story

French Biopharmaceutical Company

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