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Salesforce file storage

Understanding Salesforce File Storage Limitation


  1. What is extra storage space on Salesforce?

Salesforce storage facility has always been on the expensive side, and most companies never hit the Salesforce file storage limit. But at any juncture, if you do so, then you can be stuck in a bad situation!!

At such a situation, you can upload an attachment of 5MB per attachment. XfilesPro, as a professional help, stores your files outside of Salesforce, with complete security and maintaining all the compliance regulations. A storage application saving more than 45% of your native Salesforce storage cost, without any usability change.

The Salesforce file size limitations:

  • The Files Tab: 2 GB
  • The CRM Content: 2 GB (Google Docs: 10 MB, 38 MB uploaded via API)
  • The Salesforce Knowledge: 5 MB for attachments
  • The Attachments: 5 MB per file, 10 MB per message, 2 GB feed attachments


  1. What do you understand by Salesforce File Size Limitations?

The file size that is usually seen getting repeated, is the 2 Gigabyte upper limit. This is the maximum size allowed by the program. Since, Salesforce has been integrating with other applications, it should conform to all those limits where they indeed apply. For example, there is a 10 Megabyte limit to the file sizes in Google Docs. In a similar manner, the 5MB single file and the 10 MB file for attachment is not necessarily a limit by the Salesforce, but one must adhere to it.


  1. How to Get Around with Salesforce File Size Limitations?

Now to save all the files, there is no need of paying a huge cost. XfilesPro helps in saving your storage costing. You can achieve more storage facility at a minimum amount. Any attachment of any size and type can indeed be uploaded within any public or private external storage, without the utilization of excess space in Salesforce. Since, it is built on, it holds a proven platform for availability, assurance and security.


Achieve Competitive Edge after using XfilesPro

Its Cost Effective:
You can easily save your money with XfilesPro, in case you have exceeded your storage limit from Salesforce.

No Size Limitation:
If you are thinking about attaching any file of any size and type, then its high time you should opt for XfilesPro.

Compatible Network:
XfilesPro will always assist you in establishing a compatible and authentic network for your file storage.

Its Lightning Ready:
XfilesPro is now Lightning Ready and with 3.4 latest version, its equipped to provide a better and efficient support.